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The trail hotline will be updated as needed. 


Are the trails Good To ride?

Rain = No Riding


Is it raining? Had it rained more than an inch in the past 2 days? 

You shouldn't ride the trails.  

Check the past weather here.

Rule of Thumb

  1. If your bike tire leaves a rut throughout the trail, it is too wet to ride.
  2. Respect land managers' requests to close trails after a rain or snowstorm.
  3. This singletrack trail has been widened by mountain bikers swerving to avoid mud holes.

Riding After Rain: Advice for Riders

Snow & Temperature


Grooming trails is labor intensive and time-consuming.  

Only ride in the winter if the temperatures are 29 degrees or below.

Here are some guidelines for riding in the snow.

  1.  Tires - 3.8 or wider only
  2.  Leaving a RUT? Do NOT ride.
  3. Adjust your air pressure.
  4. Don't Ride Freshly groomed trails.
  5. Don't post hole on the trails.
  6. Don't ride in freeze thaw conditions.

Bike Etiquette For Riding in the Snow

Fat Biking 101

Use Your Judgement


Nobody wants to be that person always "Opening & Closing" the trails.  We all want to ride but we need to use our best judgement and educate those that might not know the etiquette.  Please share this with new riders and help us educate everyone. 

Trail Etiquette: IMBA Rules for the Trails

We welcome your thoughts, input, and assistance with trail maintenance, grooming and building.  

We will rely on you to help us regulate these trails.  Use facebook to update conditions and check the trail hotline for updates. 

Other Conditions


Notice something not right with the trails.  Please let us know!


Email US

Can We Ride At Pets?


We are thrilled that Petrifying Springs is going to be sanctioned and legal but we are not there yet.  Stay tuned for updates.  We expect to start working there in the next year beginning in 2020!

Weather in Silver Lake Park


The zip code for Silver Lake Park is 53168.   You can check the weather here!

The trail hotline will be updated as needed.