Why Become a Member of KAMBA?

Because you love being in the woods and riding your bike...

The annual membership, from April to March, includes:

-Discounts on Club Events


       -Time Trials 

-Discounts at Local Businesses

-Voting Rights

-Opportunity to be on the Board of Directors

-Social Rides

-Trail Building Involvement

-Trail Building Training

-Trail Maintenance 

-Emails & Updates on the Trails and Club

-Help Make Decisions About the Future of Kenosha County MTB Trails

-Participate in committees - Here are the committees that we need help with. 

Please let us know how you can help!

  1. Trails Building & Maintenance
  2. Activities & Events
  3. Membership & Fundraising

You do not need to be a member of the club to ride Kenosha County Trails. 

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We need support to help sustain all Kenosha County Mountain Bike Trail Systems. 

If you love to ride the trails and want to see them grow and continue to ride them, support the club.

Here is what your $20 or $30 pays for:

Tools to maintain the trails

This website

Club Events 

Insurance that covers volunteers working on the trails

You can make additional donations using PayPal and our email:

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Membership Fees

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