Trails of K.A.m.b.a

Silver Lake Park


Over 10 miles of fast, fun and flowing trails.  These trails are great for the beginner rider to intermediate.  SLP is groomed in the winter for riding and is the home base trail system of our local high school MTB teams. 

We have green, blue and black trails at SLP. 

Check it out.  You won't be disappointed. 


Petrifying Springs


Although there are existing trails in the park they are not yet sanctioned. KC is creating a comprehensive plan for the entire 178 acres which will include multi-use & singletrack trails. The current trail system will stay as it is until a trail need repairs than it will be brought up to current standards. 

We don't anticipate work to begin on the trails at Pets until 2020.  If you have had any involvement in the creation of the awesome trail system in place now - WE NEED YOU.  Please get in touch with us so you can be involved with the evolution and sanctioning of the trails at Petrifying Springs!

Have Ideas?


We would love to hear your ideas.  You can come to the meetings or send us a message.  Please consider joining the club to have your voice heard. 

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